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Hey everybody! I'm Curvy Krista, thanks for coming to check out my site. I've been creating art and modeling for almost 5 years now, what can I say I've got curves and I'm not afraid to show them off! I'm currently looking to expand my passion and dive into the plus-size modeling scene & am mainly interested in photographing fashion, lingerie, product placement, implied nude and artistic clever concepts. I am talented enough to turn the camera on you too, I love photography. My style and my presentation are by no means the typical fake or plastic look most people expect to see, I have an hour glass figure with too much time in it. Ok guys enough about my body! I also spend my free time creating custom pieces such as fancy face masks, uniquely painted pottery, crocheting and making my own jewelry. I'm very easy going and always up for trying new ideas and to work with new & cool like minded people. So feel free to contact me with any questions, jobs or comments. Lets talk soon =)